President Message

We believe that education has the most critical role to play in the progress of a nation. The business environment is highly turbulent and dynamic. Where in the age old rule of "survival of the fittest" dominates. The only promising force that helps organisations to survive is coping with the every changing demand. Therefore we are committed to bridge the industry-academic by improving quality of student.

We are confident that with our sincere effort we will touch new height in near future. We wish all luck to the members of Alpine College of Education. "Education is the Key to unlocking the world a passport to freedom'".

Nitin Kumar Garg

Secretary Message

Life is full of efforts. to effort for something is the best key for success. and success is the only fruit which can lead us to the path of Peace, happiness and prosperity. Effort is such a task which endows self contentment by polishing our personality. so to achieve success in life, some basic needs are required like knowledge, wisdom, patience, self confidence, mutual understanding and target. if a person follows the path with all the……. Regards
Vinit kumar bansal

Treasurer Message

Not long ago education merely meant the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the taught. today education is much more than that. this is why Alpine College of Education since its inception has been striving hard to impart the requisite knowledge and inculcate a new set of skills and attitude in our student. i wish a very successful carrer ahead to all the student of Alpine College of Education and feel confident that they will make significant contribution to the organization they join in future. Regards
Kamal Garg